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Please tell the webguy about any problems that you encounter.

We are open for business during this difficult time. We are taking all of the precautions recommended by the State so be prepared to wear masks.

Angels Camp is a real town. We are located in the Goldrush country of Central California. Angels Camp main Downtown street. Look at this map, you can see we are East of San Francisco and Sacramento and North of Los Angeles.

We are ideally situated at 1379 feet elevation with a population of 3,753 as of 2013. We are high enough to be above most of the winter valley fog, the extreme summer heat and below most of the winter snow. Come on up and visit.

Angels Camp is also a state of being. That state of being includes prosperity and kindness. The local merchants and townspeople have dedicated ourselves to the goal of creating a kinder and gentler place.

Our goal with this web site is to promote that state of being well beyond our own region.

Wonderful news!

After a long absence, Donna Bailey has returned and is busy writing new stories. While we wait to see what she has written, please enjoy this wonderful holiday classic;

Click here to read The Red House by Donna Bailey
Donna Bailey has created a special story for halloween. It is based on fact, the house is near the historic downtown. Click here to read more.

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